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For Android phones only

Artists, designers, tattoo and art enthusiasts. Come connect with me. Take a sneak peek into my world with the new Tiki app for mobile phones and tablets.Get updated news, videos and images.

Instructions for download

By default your mobile device is set not to accept third party apps. Unfortunately many good apps receive a false positive. This can be changed in your settings. Simply follow the instructions below. My Tiki app is safe to use and comes from a trusted source.If you have any problems or concerns please feel free to contact me maoriarts@inbox.com.

Select Image below to download app. This is what you will find located on your phone.

1- Select the logo above. You may receive a security prompt. This file is safe, continue with download by selecting ok.
2- When complete go to your downloads and select the file 984388.apk
3- Go to settings, select unknown sources then ok.
4- You may receive a standard prompt regarding install for apps. Please ignore.
This application is safe and has no access to your privacy.
5- Select Install.

Select open and enjoy. You should find the TNMC app on your desktop phone.