About Tiki

About Tiki

Māori Designer

Full time Māori graphic designer and artist living in New Zealand. Tiki is recognized as a leader in his field with a strong conviction to Polynesian, Māori arts and design.

Making the Connection

Tiki's work is highly sort after and in demand attracting people from the four corners of the world who recognize not just his unique talent as an artist but the way he makes the connection with his clients to their artwork through his depth of understanding and knowlege of design.

Tama-a-riki (a child of God)

A design with no meaning has no spirit, no life, cold and dead. It must have a connection, generate conversation, inspire others and motivate. Not just a drawing but a collection of your experiences, feelings, strengths and weeknesses. As an artist all I do is take what is already there, arrange, shape and put form to who you all ready are. Tama-a-riki (a child of God)

Tiki O'Brien