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Iinks to weaving GOHERE

Maori Treasures

There are a range of Maori weaving techniques which is used to produce basketry, floor mats, wall panels and garments such as rain capes and feathered cloaks.One of the oldest Maori techniques is taaniko



check out Taniko.com you can purchase a cd -rom on how to make your own includes meanings and the history.


This weaving technique is called raranga. The pattern used as a full page background and sidebar in this website is from a woven kete harakeke (flax basket) given to the webmaster by Ani Crawford of the Ngati Porou iwi / tribe.

Diggeress Te Kanawa

Diggeress was born in 1920 to Dame Rangimarie Hetet and Taonui Hetet. Her father named her in honour of the WWI troops referred to as "Diggers". At the age of twenty she married Tana Te Kanawa and together they raised twelve children.

New Zealand Flax

By the time Captain Cook visited New Zealand in 1769 it had already been inhabited for almost a thousand years by the Maoris who originated from Polynesia. They brought with them their skills at using various plants in their daily life. They soon realised that the native plants that we now know as phormiums or New Zealand Flax, were ideal substitutes for the palms and other plants they had used in their homelands