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Genuine Māori Tattoo Designs

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Hello and welcome to my website Tikitat.com. Specialist in creating genuine Māori Tattoo Designs with a meaning customised to your profile based on your life's experience. I am pleased to announce my new website, simular to tikitat but with a better design and more mobile phone and tablet friendly called tikiobrien.com. Both websites will offer the same service so please check out the new website tikiobrien.com by selecting the image.


Maori Tribal Tattoo and Design Enquiry
Questions marked by * are required.
1. For overseas guests please translate to English with google translation http://translate.google.com/
2. My name: first and last name
3. My gender
4. My age
5. Country where I live
6. My email address *
7. The reason for wanting a design. My first, add on, cover up or custom design?
8. I have included the URL or web address on websites that show images of tattoo designs I like...
9. The area or areas I want to have my design placed on my body is...
10. I have uploaded a picture to help describe the style and look and feel of tattoo I am wanting
























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