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Genuine Māori Tattoo Designs

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Specialist in creating genuine Māori Tattoo Designs with a meaning customised to your profile based on your life's experience.

looking for a Maori design, even if it is your first or an ad on to enhance your previous tattoo, chances are you have been searching for a long time.

With the thousands of options available to view online, not knowing the cultural significance or symbolic meaning is little wonder why you are confused about what type of design suites you.

Let us take the guess work out of your confusion with the solution you have been looking for. Dont be fooled by imitations, here is where you get the real deal.

Maori Tribal Tattoo and Design Enquiry
Questions marked by * are required.
1. For overseas guests please translate to English with google translation http://translate.google.com/
2. My name: first and last name
3. My gender
4. My age
5. Country where I live
6. My email address *
7. The reason for wanting a design. My first, add on, cover up or custom design?
8. I have included the URL or web address on websites that show images of tattoo designs I like...
9. The area or areas I want to have my design placed on my body is...
10. I have uploaded a picture to help describe the style and look and feel of tattoo I am wanting


Every Maori design is created based on the information you provide such as personal profile, interests, important events and experiences in your life.

Be more specific about the area where you would like to have your tattoo placed. For example Full sleeve, half sleeve, lower leg upper leg full shoulder deltoids. The following GOHERE link will give you a better idea of the placement of design. (example only)

Images or links to websites featuring tattoo designs you prefer or of your actual body showing where you would like to have your design placed are helpfull. They will not be copied but used to get an idea of the style you like


If the above form does not work please make your design enquiry by selecting the following contact button






















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Māori Designs and Tattoos

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Pimp my Tatt!

Looking for a Maori artist

to create your very own Maori tribal design?

Genuine Original Customized

Maori tribal designs
with a meaning


Check out why people choose a Maori Tattoo Design.


Name - Mauri ora (life force)

Artist Tiki O'Brien

Available as a poster or canvas art

Get yours now!