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Tainui te waka

Waikato te iwi

Ngāti Raukawa

Ngāti Māhanga

Ngāti Te Wehi ngā hapū

Ko Tiki O'Brien 



A Maori designer and artist living in New Zealand Tiki is recognized as a leader in his field with a strong conviction to connecting people through his passion in Maori arts and design.

His work is in high demand attracting a client base from all over the world who recognize his unique style. Tiki has successfully created his own pathway as a full time artist and designer.

Move the sand 

When I observe the way nature works I find I have not created anything at all. As far as authorship is concerned those who claim to be the authors of their works are deluded, they are kidding themselves.

There is nothing I can really call my own. Only because everything I have was given to me by my culture including my body mind even my thoughts are not my own.

Whether it is a new idea or creating an artwork purely through my own efforts I do not claim authorship because creativity itself was given to me.

All I have done is put shape and form to something that was already there by using the material that was given to me . With out this material I could not possibly have done anything. I have moved the sand, that's all .

There can only be one author, whoever that may be to each and every one of us.

Tiki O'Brien