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Ancient Māori artists have always been fascinated with the natural world. Through the understanding of symbolism and abstract form they depicted nature as movements of rhythmic and cyclic patterns.

These patterns were interpreted as the life force and energy of the universe and were used in whakairo Māori carving, and in Tā Moko traditional Māori tattoo.

Tiki OBrien

Let us design a genuine Māori tattoo for you!

Every design is unique...

Customised to your needs...

Offering a professional service...

No design is too big or too small...


No matter where you live worldwide you can have your own customised Māori tattoo artwork delivered to you via the internet.

Each design is customised to meet your specific needs with a Maori contemporary flavour and meaning.

Each design is hand drawn, scanned and then digitally created.

You receive a digital copy of the original art work, sketches and line drawings.

All designs are created in New Zealand the home of Tā Moko and Māori design.


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