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The Patterns of Nature

The ancient Māori artist have always been fascinated with the natural world. Through the understanding of symbolism and abstract form they depicted nature as movements of rhythmic and cyclic patterns.

These patterns were interpreted as the life force and energy of the universe and were used in whakairo Māori carving, and in Tā Moko traditional Māori tattoo.

This electronic book will introduce the reader to a gallery of contemporary Māori tattoo and designs.

Tiki O'Brien is a Māori artist and designer, and is the founder of www.maori-arts.com Through this book he reveals the mysteries through his extraordinary insights and experience in Māori tattoo and designs.


'' Taking Māori Tattoo and Designs to the World ''

This electronic book is for those who have an interest in ancient knowledge and wisdom, Māori arts, tā moko, Māori tattoo and design.

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