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Ancient Māori artists have always been fascinated with the natural world. Through the understanding of symbolism and abstract form they depicted nature as movements of rhythmic and cyclic patterns.

These patterns were interpreted as the life force and energy of the universe and were used in whakairo Māori carving, and in Tā Moko traditional Māori tattoo.

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Let us design a genuine Māori tattoo for you!

Every design is unique...

Customized to your needs...

Offering a professional service...

No design is too big or too small...


No matter where you live worldwide you can have your own customized Māori tattoo artwork delivered to you via the internet.

Each design is customized to meet your specific needs with a Maori contemporary flavour and meaning.

Each design is hand drawn, scanned and then digitally created.

You receive a digital copy of the original art work, and line drawings.

All designs are created in New Zealand the home of Tā Moko and Māori design.




I love it. I was a bit sceptical at first about hiring you to do the design, but you have really come up with the goods.

Im glad I found you to create my design.Once again I wanna thank you.

kind regards


A very happy customer.


Hey Tiki

I recieved the tattoo design and it is exactly what i wanted. It's really great mate. Thanks heaps for designing this for me.

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year. All the best mate.

From Blake Monkley.


Kia Ora Tiki

Wow! Thank you SO MUCH! It is my 32nd birthday today and I have woken up to a wonderful gift, many thanks.

Its fabulous.... I just wish I knew more maori so I could say this
all in our own language....... it is absolutely beautiful.

I wouldn't change one bit of it.

I can't think of anything else to say! You are indeed a talented man and all that is left is to wish you a very merry Christmas, enjoy your kai and I will be in touch in 2008 about my back tattoo!




Awesome work Tiki

At last I have a genuine Maori Tribal Tattoo. The kind I've always wanted but couldn't find anyone else to do this for me.

You said it takes courage to get a Maori tribal design and Im glad I took the risk with you. I realise now it was part of the process.

All the best



Hi Tiki,

First of all - WOW! The design is incredible and I really like it.
Again, The design is great. I am really happy that I worked with you instead of trying to muddle through a design by myself. Your artistry is amazing.




Ive been wearing my tribal tattoo for over ten years now. My tattoo artist just sorta put it together but didn't really know the meaning. I admit it was a bit of a rush job becasue he had appointments with other clients.

After meeting you on the net you helped explain and clear a few mysteries up for me and now I can stand with confidence with my tattoo design.





Although it took a while I finally got up the courage to ask if you could design me my own tattoo. So far I havent put the design on me yet but I have the design and thats the first step.



Hello Tiki!

It's simply... amazing!!! It's just perfect! Thank you... realy, i'm overwellmed. I'm just speachless.

Tiki, once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I really glad about the way it turned out.

If it is not to ask too much, could just tell me a little about it's meanning? I am just asking you this, because as i told before i have the most respect for the maori culture, and i wanna be able to understand the meanning of my tattoo and correctly define it to everyone else.

Man, i'm just to happy to say.......................... You made a dream come true!

Your's truely, Tiago Paz.


Hi there
I would like to say that the design that you have done for me is really fantastic !! Could you please tell me the meaning of the design as i am eager to let people know who ask about it .
Thanking you

Thomas Waratini


What a tremendous relief to find your service on the Internet

As an owner of a tattoo parlor I get many clients wanting a Maori tribal design and since this is way out of my league.

I can call on you for your design skills. Sure makes my work easer and my clients happy.

Keep up the good work.



I have never thought about getting a tattoo until I saw your site. Although I have always wanted a Maori tattoo to express who I am I never knew of any one who offered this kind of service..

Furthermore, It made sense to invest in a good design, and I am glad I did because you were so helpful. It is surely a work of art.

Kia ora!



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